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Wow. Last week was a long one. Lots of emotion, togetherness, and love. Now, it’s a new week, and I’m once again reaching for my comforts. For me, winter has always been synonymous with warmth: finding it, creating it, keeping it close. This winter, I find myself thankful for those around me – both family and friends – who give me consistent warmth, sometimes without even trying. Plus, there’s food to help. Like

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I’m just a tad stressed about the upcoming Christmas season. It’s my own fault. I do this to myself every year. I make an unnecessarily long to-do list of crafting projects, decorations, Christmas cards. I should really start this process much earlier than I did, but the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is just too short. Now, I find myself spending my evenings tinkering on this or that in the dining room until I’m almost falling asleep on the table. The trouble is: I just can’t help myself. These are the gifts I love to give to those I love. When I have a goal in mind, I just have to finish it.

Sometimes I feel like other people think my level of energy is crazy. I don’t rest until the late hours of the night, and I usually have a plan in mind for what I’d like to do within a week. What people don’t understand is that sometimes I feel like I’m “resting” all day long. Yes, my job is mentally taxing. But there’s no real physical labor. I can be a little creative but not in an artful way (more through language). So I think that’s why I spend most of my evenings crafting until I’m so dead tired I can’t keep my eyes open. I haven’t really moved all day. So, in the evenings, I like working with my hands. I like motoring around my home, picking up this or that, trying to find a creative solution for a project. I especially enjoy being around people as much as I can, as I’m alone most of the workday. And I like to plan plans for the week or weekend because I like to have something to look forward to. I work to live – not the other way around.

I’m finding too that the more I workout, the more energy I seem to have. Thankfully, I know what to do with it. Between food and crafts, I can keep these little hands busy. And this big heart can be filled in a much bigger way. I’m thankful for my hobbies; they keep me sane, at peace and happy.

Tell me about your hobbies. Or your Christmas to-do list. Or just anything you’d like to share today.

We all know (and subsequently adore) Deb from . I’ve been using her website so much this year that I’ve started to think we’re personal friends. Just the other night, the roommate did a Google search and Deb’s blog popped up. “She’s the one that cooks in that tiny kitchen with a toddler wrapped around her leg!” I said. Cat nodded as if Deb comes over for dinner (child in tow) once a month. I guess in a way she does, now that I’ve been making her dishes so frequently. This weekend we were blessed with a .

If heaven came in the form of butternut squash, this would be it. Such a simple dish Deb recreated from Molly @ . If you like the nutty taste tamari gives you (one of the main ingredients in hummus), then you’ll fall crazy for this one. A bit of onion, a can of chickpeas, baked squash and you’re basically on your way.

I thought of my mother when I tossed together these ingredients and poured them into this glass bowl. I’m not sure whether my mother is a fan of squash, but she gave me this bowl a few years back. I use it sparingly, as I often place most of my food into Tupperware dishes for transportation.

However, coveting the goods in this rose-colored dish gave it flair and placed me back into the kitchen of my hometown. I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I saw this dish filled to the brim with tuna-noodle-casserole (my favorite growing up). The bowl is nothing fancy, but I imagine how wonderful it would be to pass it down to my daughter someday.

Hopefully, she can cook. Hopefully, she’ll like squash. And hopefully, she’ll invite her parents over for dinner often.


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