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As fall slowly turns to winter, I’ve been reaching for my comforts: warm blankets, large mugs of coffee, tights & boots, family & loved ones, soul foods. Chili has been at the top of the list this season, as I’ve been slowly working my way through the “Vegan Planet” stew & soups section. On this week’s menu was “Quick as Lightening” chili, and that it was. An easy mixture of salsa, black beans, stewed tomatoes, chili powder, and Boca crumbles, this version is true to its title.

Before I started , I had the best intentions of saving money and riding the bus. Upon realizing the bus ride would be at least one-hour in length, those intentions went out the window. However, I did end up buying some , and this gem was one of them.

I use this nearly every day, and I’m a big fan. The components are on the smaller side, so it helps me keep my portions in check. It fits snugly into my purse, and it doesn’t spill. My only complaint would be that the lid-fit containers don’t close as tightly as I would prefer. I wish it would snap or lock into place, as other Tupperware does. In addition, the “laptop” case itself is hard to clean and gets finger print stains rather easily. Other than that, I’d say this was definitely worth the money, and I hope to use it for a long while.

Already knowing this batch of chili would go quickly, I asked my roommate to pick up more ingredients so we can make another batch. It seems that at this season in my life, what I need most is what I love the most. Those items that bring me comfort also seem to bring me happiness, too. This feels like a nice place to be. Yesterday, I did some freelance work for my old job in the attempts of making some extra holiday cash. Just the smell of the chili cooking made me more motivated to get my work done. It’s the little things.

I never thought I’d say this, but I can’t wait to make a batch of chili for a family someday. My family, complete with well-behaved children, that is.

Cooking in Advance

Cat and I have begun a new quest: Sunday cooking. I always cook a little something on Sundays, but this time we’re taking it to more-serious meal-planning level. Lately I’ve found myself rushing from one activity to the next during the week, with little time during the cook to cook or make lunches. This caused the restructuring of our food making.

First on the list was a basic chili recipe. We made this chili using fresh ground beef from my grandparents’ garden. I’ve eaten this chili twice this week – both for lunch and dinner on two separate days. It provided me with a ton of fuel to get through my running workouts and extracurricular activities. Though, I won’t lie. I still feel strange eating meat twice in once week. Maybe that means I’m more of a vegetarian than I thought.

The second dish we created was this This is a major power-food meal. Cat has already reported increased levels of energy after eating this for lunch, and I concur. Plus, we got to use up 12 cups of the swiss chard from the garden – pretty much our last surviving garden good.

Cooking in advance had made my life infinitely easier this week. Having healthy meals on stock has really helped me choose the right foods, especially in moments where I’m fatigued and just need to eat.

After nearly a year of willy-nilly eating, I’m ready to get my nutrition back in check – and what better way to do it than with a little beans, vegetables and meat that comes from a source I know.

Do you cook in advance?


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