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In honor of the upcoming , the Bind & CrEATe kitchen will begin featuring fall favorites. Some of these vegetables are available year round, but there’s something so wonderful about leaves falling in the background of your kitchen window.

When I was a child, sweet potatoes seemed reserved for Thanksgiving. I rarely gave the sweet potato casserole at Grandma’s a second thought. I just knew that Pap didn’t like pecans, and everyone else did – so there were two separate dishes. One year, I swear someone included marshmallows. Was that a fad once? Needless to say, I didn’t find the dish at all appetizing and instead stuffed myself with stuffing (and ketchup).

Thank god a rebirth in terms of sweet potatoes was born. I credit food blogging and adult maturity. Now I know that sweet potatoes can be eaten all fall-long in a variety of styles – such as this Sweet Potato Curry with Red Beans from the “.” This dish uses a variety of simple ingredients with a powerful team of spices. I’m starting to really embrace curry powder and even stepped into turmeric land for the first time in my life.

This dish is incredible, both on its own and paired with rice. It keeps you full for hours and gives you the taste of fall you’ve been waiting for.

Want the recipe? Buy the . It’s one of the best books in my cooking arsenal.

What’s your favorite way to use sweet potatoes?

Cooking in Advance

Cat and I have begun a new quest: Sunday cooking. I always cook a little something on Sundays, but this time we’re taking it to more-serious meal-planning level. Lately I’ve found myself rushing from one activity to the next during the week, with little time during the cook to cook or make lunches. This caused the restructuring of our food making.

First on the list was a basic chili recipe. We made this chili using fresh ground beef from my grandparents’ garden. I’ve eaten this chili twice this week – both for lunch and dinner on two separate days. It provided me with a ton of fuel to get through my running workouts and extracurricular activities. Though, I won’t lie. I still feel strange eating meat twice in once week. Maybe that means I’m more of a vegetarian than I thought.

The second dish we created was this This is a major power-food meal. Cat has already reported increased levels of energy after eating this for lunch, and I concur. Plus, we got to use up 12 cups of the swiss chard from the garden – pretty much our last surviving garden good.

Cooking in advance had made my life infinitely easier this week. Having healthy meals on stock has really helped me choose the right foods, especially in moments where I’m fatigued and just need to eat.

After nearly a year of willy-nilly eating, I’m ready to get my nutrition back in check – and what better way to do it than with a little beans, vegetables and meat that comes from a source I know.

Do you cook in advance?


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