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My Arts & Crafts

Art has been found in many parts of my life. For me, these experiences with arts and crafts have almost been more empowering than the finished product.

My crafting abilities truly began to flourish during my graduate studies, where I immersed myself in the art of bookmaking. My program (M.F.A. in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts, University of Baltimore) was unique. It stressed not only the written word – but also the physical form that took. The program’s specialization helped it earn a spot as one of the nine most distinctive programs in the United States, according to Poets & Writers Magazine.

I have created books using a variety of formats. Since graduating, I’ve developed into a true bookmaker, specializing in custom-made wedding guest books, albums and journals. I’ve made more than 50 handmade books for clients. I’ve also created books using my own text. I regularly make my own cards and other tiny books for distribution.

If you are interested in a handmade book for a special occasion, contact me.


“If you’re ever in need of a touching, unique, and personal gift for someone special, look no further! I knew I’d never be able to find exactly what I was looking for in any store. Rose was able to translate my ideas so wonderfully into a concrete memory book that will always mean so much to us.”
- Maria, who had a custom book made for her sister chronicling their roadtrip adventures

“She loved it!  It’s on our main coffee table now for all to see! She immediately knew who I went to in order to get the book made too…Rose!!! Thank you so much for your help!”
- Jordan, who had a custom book made for his wife on their anniversary.

“I absolutely love my book. I was a little worried that something handmade would be too fragile to enjoy, but my book is very sturdy and looks very professionally done.  It looks as beautiful as anything I’ve ever seen in stores.  I love the especially love the feel of the pages on the inside, which is nicer than any journal I’ve ever had.  My mom loved the one I ordered for her, too–she started using it right away.”
– Hil, who had two custom journals made for both her and her mother

“I asked Rose to make a photo album for my niece’s 1st birthday. With just a little bit of information from me about my niece, she was able to create the perfect book that reflects my little niece’s personality perfectly. I was amazed! Even without any pictures inside, it is the perfect 1st birthday present.”
- Heather, who had a custom baby book made for her niece


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