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It’s true. I’ve never met a sweet potato I didn’t like. Thankfully, it ties in nicely with Day 1 of my personal get healthier challenge. (Notice I say “healthier” instead of “healthy.” I already practice good habits I intend on keeping.) Did you know that sweet potatoes break down more slowly in the body? That means they produce smaller fluctuations in our blood glucose and insulin levels. They are actually very diabetic friendly.

I didn’t make grocery shopping a priority this weekend, so tonight it was on the agenda. I rushed to the store after my evening workout and spent $40 on essentials. No matter how hard I budget or try to shop on the cheap, the items I buy always seem expensive. I think food in general is pricey if you want to eat well. Though I’ve found in my years of shopping that vegetables are always the cheapest of the bunch, clocking in much lower than the processed foods that aren’t good for you anyway. I guess it’s just a mixed bag these days. Nothing is free.

My roommate and I used this recipe for the dish:  You serve it over arugula, which has a nice taste in my opinion.

I’ve noted on the blog before that my roommate and I often cook multiple meals at once. Tonight was no different. We whipped up three different meals for lunches and dinners this week – all vegetarian and/or vegan, of course. All of our meals for this week feature an orange ingredient. I like the sounds of that. Give me more beta carotene.

Learning Moment: Part of documenting my life in a (somewhat) public space is the ability to make commitments, share moments of learning, and ediscuss “failures.” I’ve loved keeping a blog for more than three years because I can literally document my own individual growth. It’s been a great way for me to keep track of my life’s goals.

The boyfriend recently asked if I felt like I had to live according to my blog, meaning: do I feel a stronger need to practice what I preach? The answer is absolutely, and sometimes I will succeed at that and other times I will completely falter. That’s what makes me human.

Tonight’s simple success I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m starting to recognize even the smallest of achievements. I made myself a much-too-long to-do list for the night. Instead, I got busy in the kitchen and completely forgot about the handmade cards I wanted to make it. It was probably a blessing in disguise. Not only did I get to create three meals, I got to do it while catching up with my roommate. Now, I’m moving crafting night to Wednesday. It’s not a big deal. I don’t feel bad. I don’t have to live by lists. They don’t own me!

Now, it’s time to fall asleep without guilt. A full day, indeed.

In honor of the upcoming , the Bind & CrEATe kitchen will begin featuring fall favorites. Some of these vegetables are available year round, but there’s something so wonderful about leaves falling in the background of your kitchen window.

When I was a child, sweet potatoes seemed reserved for Thanksgiving. I rarely gave the sweet potato casserole at Grandma’s a second thought. I just knew that Pap didn’t like pecans, and everyone else did – so there were two separate dishes. One year, I swear someone included marshmallows. Was that a fad once? Needless to say, I didn’t find the dish at all appetizing and instead stuffed myself with stuffing (and ketchup).

Thank god a rebirth in terms of sweet potatoes was born. I credit food blogging and adult maturity. Now I know that sweet potatoes can be eaten all fall-long in a variety of styles – such as this Sweet Potato Curry with Red Beans from the “.” This dish uses a variety of simple ingredients with a powerful team of spices. I’m starting to really embrace curry powder and even stepped into turmeric land for the first time in my life.

This dish is incredible, both on its own and paired with rice. It keeps you full for hours and gives you the taste of fall you’ve been waiting for.

Want the recipe? Buy the . It’s one of the best books in my cooking arsenal.

What’s your favorite way to use sweet potatoes?

Honestly, I’ve been having a hard time being creative with cooking. I don’t know if its the rainy demise of Pittsburgh, or the lack of ingredients in the fridge. Either way, I keep coming up with a loss. But I’m not going to beat myself up over this. Foot ruts happen. And anytime I’m feeling stuck – whether it be cooking, crafting or my life – I look at what’s around me, take inventory and see how I can repurpose what I have into something new. What an inventive (and affordable) way to change things! Thus, this soup was born.

The roommate bought an overzealous bag of kale, and I’ve made it my personal mission to not let any of that kale go to waste. So it went into the soup – along with a bunch of other goods that have been hiding out in the glass shelves of the ‘fridge. Sweet potatoes? Why, yes. A bit of celery? Welcome. Several cherry tomatoes? Why not.

I devoured this soup, along with a salad, after a nice 3-mile run on the treadmill. It felt good to fill my body with these vegetables – even if I originally thought they were “boring.” My body can tell the difference between natural and preserved and tonight, despite my fatigue, I am feeling uplifted.

Now, it’s time to look at my life. Change is in the air this fall, as it always is, and I’m looking forward to repurposing my talents toward a different kind of good.

How is Fall changing you? (And yes, I know it’s not Fall yet – but it’s coming. Are you ready?)


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